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Clear and digital customer interactions form the basics for a happy customer journey in the new age.

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    Why make your communications as dynamic as possible?

    Along with technology and the possibilities brought by big data and social media, customer expectations have come a long way. Customers understand that companies out there know a lot about them and in return they expect this to be demonstrated in how they are approached. They also understand that technology and the current digital era, enable companies to make their customer journey as pleasant as possible with individualized, actionable and relevant communications.


    In this week’s blog we’ll take a closer look at how easy-to-use software such as Scriptura Engage and going digital enables us to take static documents and develop them into dynamic customer communications that meet modern customer expectations.

    New call-to-action

    Back in the days a bank customer would have to consult an employee in a local bank to check his balance, get information on loans, insurances, etc. The employee would then look up information and print out the relevant documents for the customer to take home. Nowadays thanks to web banking, customers look up this information themselves. At home, at work or even on their daily commute. Checking your account balance, requesting an insurance quotation … It’s all possible anywhere and anytime through the power of mobile

    Static Documents

    However, even today these transactions still often end with the customer being sent a static document: a statement with transaction details or something of the like, with a periodical follow-up sent every quarter, or every year. While in the past these would be print communications, this will now usually happen electronically, via email with a pdf. Yet it will still have the same layout as the paper document, and unfortunately be equally static.


    A while back I got the following bankmail after making an appointment, with all details of my appointment attached. So I had to download and open a PDF on a mobile device to find out what I needed to know. Now what if it looked like the picture below? A digital customer experience that includes the date and time in a calendar format, the picture of the person with whom I have the appointment and the option to reschedule the appointment and add it to my calendar.


    Iphone Appointement bankmail

    Dynamic communications

    This is more like it and exactly the sort of communications that customers want to receive. When you as a company reach out to customers, they expect you to deliver individualized content, tuned to their specific needs. Moreover, once your customers arrive on your app or website, everything must be provided here for them to complete their customer journey. Ensure an interactive and dynamic digital environment where the possibilities aren’t limited to the permanent contents of a printed document.


    Let’s say you own a bank and a customer has shown interest in mortgage loans. You could reach out with a promotional communication and integrate a mortgage loan simulator. All activity in the simulator is tracked so you can gather information about the customer. He would not be able to resist playing with the simulator as he doesn’t have to leave the communication to do so. It’s all there.

    Mortgage loan simulator

    Here is another example. In the clip below you’ll see a promotional bankmail sent to a customer or prospect, who regularly visited the credit cards section on the bank’s website. Based on her profile various possible credit cards are presented. It’s possible to filter them and browse through them via a carrousel and get info about the different credit cards, all from within the communication. This is key as studies have shown that dropout rates increase when customers are redirected to another application or web page. What you see here isn’t something sent back from the future. On the contrary, this entire communication has been built by a business user without any web development skills, using the Scriptura Web Designer.




    Scriptura Engage

    Scriptura Engage is a flexible, easy to use solution that recognizes the importance of creating and keeping real connections with every customer while protecting their privacy, a solution that 1/ saves time and money by empowering business users to manage the content, and 2/ removes the burden of dealing with complex technical issues through managed services - we handle the technical side, allowing you to concentrate on your messaging. It is a solution from an organization that is passionate, authentic, and forward-thinking – Inventive Designers, a company that is “big enough to cope, but small enough to care”.