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Clear and digital customer interactions form the basics for a happy customer journey in the new age.

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    Why is follow-up crucial to ensure customer happiness?

    After you have introduced a novelty such as a QR code to your invoices or made a certain shift that changes the customer experience like digital invoicing through Paymail, you have to instantly monitor the impact on customer satisfaction and the user experience. Measure the conversion rate and reach out to your customers to see how they experience that change.

    How do you do this?

    You can select some of your customers and ask them to fill out a short survey. This allows you to adjust your digital invoices and tune them to specific customer needs. Furthermore, it’s a sign of your devotion to the customer and the effort you put into improving their customer experience. Here are a few examples of multiple choice questions you can ask to determine customer happiness and next steps:


    We recently sent you a Paymail containing an invoice. Did you open this email? If not, why didn’t you open it? Was the payment button visible in your opinion? Did you find it convenient to use the payment button? On our last invoice we introduced a QR-code to improve your user experience and help you pay your bill more easily. Did you notice this QR code? Have you ever used a QR code in the past? If you made use of the QR code, will you continue to so in the future?


    Let’s recap

    Customer follow-up is the last step in the process of digitizing invoices and introducing a new payment method. Over the past weeks we went over this entire process. Let’s recap:


    It all starts with design. Designing Paymails or invoices is entirely different than designing a leaflet, flyer or other commercial communications. The key to success is ensuring the best possible user experience. The communication should contain a short and concise intro message about what the invoice is for and highlight the amount to be paid, payment details and the payment method. Pay due care and attention to creating a quality call-to-action button and make sure that the look-and-feel differs from your standard newsletters. Finally, add logos from reliable payment partners such as iDeal, Payconiq or itspaid to reassure the customer.


    Banner itspaid blog

    Add a QR code

    If you have ever scanned a QR code, you are familiar with the responsiveness and the speed with which it takes you to a specific web page. This is exactly how a QR code helps your customers to pay their bills faster by virtue of a simple one-click procedure and, thus, improving their customer experience in the process.


    Communicate proactively

    When you make the shift to digital, or introduce any change that has an impact on the customer experience for that matter, it’s important you guide your customers through this process from start to finish. Initiate the process of introducing new payment methods to your customers by proactively using your different communication channels such as your website, social media, a blog and a newsletter.


    Win the customer’s trust

    When it comes to digital invoices and transactions online, customers are often wary of the authenticity of the invoice and the intentions of its sender. It’s key you acknowledge these worries but at the same time reassure your customers that the credibility of your own invoices is genuine. You can show that you are on top of the matter and are ready to support them by providing your customers with a checklist of things to verify when they doubt the authenticity of a digital invoice.


    Follow up with your customer

    And last but not least, follow up with your customer after you have made the shift to digital invoicing or have introduced a tool such as a QR code. Make use of a short survey to monitor the impact on customer satisfaction, and make necessary changes to your digital invoices afterwards to ensure the best possible user experience.


    We have compiled all the above in a handy brochure for you. You can use it when you yourself make changes to your customer communications in general and invoicing in specific. You can download the brochure below. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to assist you in establishing quality communications that ensure customer happiness and boost customer loyalty.

    Download brochure