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Clear and digital customer interactions form the basics for a happy customer journey in the new age.

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    Why communication is critical in Customer Experience

    Keeping your customers around requires numerous skills. Like a great dad and his kids, we don’t like playing favorites. However, there is one important skill that stands out when your company is trying to create a great experience for your customers. That skill is communication.


    Always, effective and powerful communication is foundational. If your company lacks this aspect, other aspects of your customer’s experience will not matter that much. Communication is the adhesive that makes sure your customer experiences never fall apart.

    What type of customer communications are there?

    First of all you have promotional communications. This simply refers to the customer communications offered before your customer makes the purchase. Generally, the marketing department will try to convince the potential customer to buy from your company. If this part of the customer communications is not addressed properly, you will keep losing potential clients.

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    Next you have transactional or service communications. This involves the communications provided to your customers after the customer has already purchased from you. It includes any type of letter or document a customer gets regarding the services you offer. Often, this part of the communication is overlooked. Most companies will only focus on getting the customer to buy from them. However, keeping your customer around is always as important as getting him or her in the first place.


    The best way to keep your customer’s experience at its best is to keep checking on the customer even after he/she has made the purchase. Generally, you would want to seek feedback and learn about things your company should improve in order to offer better services.

    How is customer communication done?

    Originally, the only way to communicate to customers was through paper copies such as letters. However, technology nowadays has revolutionised the ease with which companies can maintain great customer experience through communication. Paper copies are no longer a requirement. Nowadays people use emails, SMS, In-app messages, social media messages, and mobile push notifications.

    But, what do I tell my customer?

    Generally, you need to only contact your customer when you have something useful to tell him or her. Contacting the customer while you have nothing important to say will not boost the customer experience. Instead, he or she will hate you.


    Your communication should offer value. Here are some things you could use to communicate with your client:

    • Our company is hosting a certain event, we would like you to attend. It is FREE.
    • Hey, we noticed you are looking for a credit card. These are the best options for you. You credit card is just one click away!
    • We have reviewed your insurance claim. It is legit. Here is some of your money.
    • Hey, we just wanted to inform you that your payment is due next week.
    • We did not want to send this, but we were compelled to by the FBI (you don’t want to use this though).

    For effective communication to occur between you and your customer, you need to be both clear and concise. Nowadays, everyone is busy. That includes your client. No one has time for anything that wastes their time. Therefore, get straight to the point. After communicating with your client, you will get a feedback. It is important to listen to your customer and then find a solution to his or her problem. Fixing customer’s issues is the best way for you to maintain a great customer experience.


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    Do I need specific software?

    Yes, you do. You need a centralized customer communication platform that allows your organisation to turn customer data into relevant, individualized and actionable communications via the channel of choice of the customer. Scriptura Engage is such a customer communication platform.


    Scriptura Engage is a flexible, easy to use solution that recognizes the importance of creating and keeping real connections with every customer while protecting their privacy, a solution that 1/ saves time and money by empowering business users to manage the content, and 2/ removes the burden of dealing with complex technical issues through managed services - we handle the technical side, allowing you to concentrate on your messaging. It is a solution from an organization that is passionate, authentic, and forward-thinking – Inventive Designers, a company that is “big enough to cope, but small enough to care”.