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Mensura's shift to digital listed for DCM Awards

Next week, the annual DCM Awards will take place. I am really happy that our customer Mensura is on the shortlist in the category ‘Intelligent capturing’. This case is a good example of how reducing paper in administrative workflows impacts customer experience.

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Take control of your e-mails with link tracking

Do you often wonder how your customers deal with your e-mails? How do you measure subscriber engagement? What is the click rate of the links in your messages? And how do you enrich your CRM-system with these metrics?

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5 critical concepts to make document design more efficient

Whether you are designing transactional documents, digital forms or customer onboarding communications, chances are you will encounter the same challenges as a lot of your peers in other industries. Based on our experiences we discovered several design concepts that can make a huge difference when designing communications.

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Taking your Customer Communication processes to the next (mandatory) level

E-government integration

It has finally happened! E-Government solutions have become household practices for the general public to exchange information with their government. It might have taken some time and a number of unfortunately failed initiatives, but we’re all glad (relieved) the time has come.

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Mensura simplifies adminstration through digital first communication

To better support its prevention consultants, Mensura – the largest external service for prevention and protection at work – has pulled the mobile card. For that, Mensura approached Inventive Designers, which delivers with their product Scriptura Engage, a mobile app and software platform for digital-first communication.

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