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Clear and digital customer interactions form the basics for a happy customer journey in the new age.

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Boosting operational efficiency and the power of customer experience management: a recap

Over the past few weeks we covered the importance of quality customer experience management (CEM) and operational efficiency in order to boost your organization and successfully compete with peers in terms of customer experience.

In this week’s blog we’ll come back on how Inventive Designers with Scriptura Engage, Template Factory and Managed Services has all the necessary ingredients of a modern customer communication platform to increase operational efficiency and boost business empowerment.

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How business user empowerment boosts operational efficiency

If you have ever worked in a bar you might recognize the following scenario. It’s your very first shift. The place is filled to the rafters. Your head spins. Orders are coming in right, left and center. As someone shouts “Where are my beers?!”, the tap runs dry. You don’t know how to change the keg. You ask Jim. Jim is busy. You fail to keep up and customers grow impatient. “What’s keeping my Bloody Mary?!” How do you even make a Bloody Mary? You have no clue. Jim does, but Jim has his own orders to fill.

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How to improve operational efficiency in multilingual and multibrand environments?

In business, speed is everything. You want to be the first to launch that groundbreaking product or service, you want to be the first to identify and capitalize on future trends. But you also want to bind your customers to your brand before your peers do. Delivering relevant, individualized and consistent customer communications is crucial and you need operational efficiency to do so. Yet this is something that a lot of companies lack.

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