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    Resource Promotion goes bigger and better

    In our previous blog ‘Give business control with Resource Promotion’ we gave an overview of capabilities and benefits of our Resource Promotion, an easy to use tool that allows business users to push changes all the way into production, making them independent from IT to deploy emails, push notifications and other communications. Give it a quick look to refresh your insights on promotion, tasks, environments, and more.

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    A view on the past year and the road ahead with Jim Verbist, CEO @ Inventive Designers.

    In the serene offices of inventive designers, whenever Jim Verbist is around, there’s a hive of activities in his office. One appointment after the other, often back to back. When there is a window to stretch his legs, you see a busy Jim going around the offices, checking on how everyone else is fairing. Jim has been serving as the company’s CEO since may last year ...

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