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    How GDPR helps and not hinders you to use private data for user experience optimization

    May 25th, 2018, a day like any other. For most businesses however, it was as if the day of reckoning was upon them. The EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation had come into force and with it, it brought drastic changes for every organization in every branch juggling with private data. Worried about how GDPR could potentially cripple their sales, companies worldwide now focus on the restrictions rather than the potential. But why? As GDPR urges you to pay more attention to your customer data, why not seize the opportunity to better use these data to optimize the user experience?

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    How to overcome the hurdles of digital adoption?

    We connect, download, stream, sign in, upload, update… all the time. We live in a digital world. A world that provides opportunities and the means to progress, facilitate and improve. That’s why today many organisations are investing big money in digital transformation programs. Some of them do so in order to get rid of outdated legacy systems or because they want to focus on social media presence and behaviour tracking. Others seek to ensure availability of all digital channels.

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