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    Take control of your e-mails with link tracking

    Do you often wonder how your customers deal with your e-mails? How do you measure subscriber engagement? What is the click rate of the links in your messages? And how do you enrich your CRM-system with these metrics?


    With our Link Tracking Service, the latest addition to the Scriptura Engage family, these questions are finally answered!

    How does it work?

    E-mails that are processed with our link tracking solution will contain a tiny, “invisible” web beacon. When a user opens your mail, the beacon is downloaded from our servers and this user-interaction is recorded in a database.


    We also add tracking information to each click-through URL. Each time a click is registered, the user will hit our servers first and he is then redirected to the intended address. The redirect through our servers is again recorded as a customer interaction. Thanks to the addition of customer-specific tracking data, it’s also possible to correlate a mail-interaction to a specific record in your CRM-database.


    Our link tracking solution hooks into the Scriptura Engage platform. If you already use Scriptura for your customer communications, then you can enable link tracking with very little effort.


    So why would you enable link tracking? Here are just a few of the advantages:

    • Use the information from your link tracking metrics to improve the quality of your contacts database. Find out which contacts actually engage with your mails.
    • Gain insight into the quality of your communications. Try different lay-outs for your messages and check which communications have the best click-through rates.
    • Learn more about the technical characteristics of your recipients. How many recipients use a mobile device to open an email? And which e-mail clients are used?
    • Identify important e-mails that are never opened. Perhaps you want to send your communication through a different channel like SMS or postal mail when you find out that important mails remain unopened?

    Scriptura Cloud

    Link tracking is offered as a cloud solution, so there’s no need for you to worry about things like software updates, scalability and disaster recovery. We take care of that!


    We also offer the necessary tools to retrieve xml-reports with the metrics of your e-mail campaigns. These metrics can easily be processed on-premise.


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