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    StoneRiver and Scriptura Engage Announce a Strategic Alliance

    StoneRiver, Inc., the trusted insurance technology partner with solutions across multiple business lines, and Scriptura Engage, today announced a cooperative marketing and technical alliance. The alliance allows the two companies to jointly market and deliver a comprehensive solution that provides a seamless integration between Scriptura Engage’s customer communications application and StoneRiver's PowerSuite® and CompSuite® workers’ compensation systems.


    The integration has already enabled over 15 StoneRiver CompSuite clients to simplify the development, production and delivery of complex customer communications, and more clients are moving onto the integrated systems. StoneRiver is also leveraging the work and the workers’ compensation forms used for CompSuite to extend the capability to the PowerSuite solution and client base. The customer communications include print and electronic channels with direct connection between their StoneRiver system and the Scriptura Engage communication engine.


    "We are very excited about the integration of StoneRiver's workers’ compensation systems with Scriptura Engage. Through this alliance, StoneRiver customers will be able to bring their customer communication with their underwriters to the next level," says Stef Devriese of Scriptura Engage. "Over the last two years, both our R&D and Sales & Marketing teams have been working in close partnership to make this happen."


    StoneRiver Senior Vice President Thomas Chesbrough noted, “Improving customer communication is an insurance industry imperative. This alliance ensures a comprehensive solution that helps insurers manage workers’ compensation optimally not only for the insured but also for the insurer. Preintegrated solutions translate to implementations that are faster to market and lower in risk.”

    About Scriptura Engage

    Scriptura Engage helps companies in banking, insurance and utilities improve their structured customer communications. We do this by enabling interactive creation, multichannel delivery and follow up of documents and web forms, like invoices, contracts, usage overviews, claims and more. The platform enables business units like claims management, marketing and billing to improve and simplify customer interaction, independent from the ICT department.The result is more customer loyalty, less complaints through better information and a decrease in costs.


    Scriptura Engage is used in 32 countries to create and deliver over 4,5 million communications a day.

    About StoneRiver, Inc.

    StoneRiver delivers the industry’s widest range of value-oriented technology solutions and services to insurance carriers, agents and broker-dealers. This versatile product group encompasses front-office, policy, claims, rating, underwriting, billing and reinsurance automation for all major business lines. Hundreds of companies of all sizes rely on StoneRiver software and processing solutions to achieve a competitive edge. Customer satisfaction and client success are the continuing goal, and are in large part achieved by maintaining and valuing strong, long-term customer relationships.


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