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    Scriptura Engage 18.10: New Fall release available!

    New season, new release! We are very pleased to announce the release of Scriptura Engage v18.10. This release, we mainly focused on some changes of LiveDocs and creating actionable communications by using the Web Designer. These two updates fit in our strategy to empower business users even more and to get the best out of every customer touchpoint.


    In the new version 18.10, The paragraph markup capabilities of LiveDocs are expended, this means that:

    • Users will be able to use superscript, subscript markup as well as insert and delete actions for table rows and columns
    • Livedocs implementation projects will be able to override, the existing markup interpretation of a LiveDocs document (at your own risk). 


    Actionable Communications

    As studies have shown, there is a potential of a high dropout if customers are redirected to another application or page because they have the fear that a re-direct leads them to information that is less relevant and not individualised for them. With the Web Designer, it is easier then ever for a business user to create actionable communications, where your customer can stay within the same communication without any dropout risk.


    Being actionable within the same communication, what does this mean? 


    In v18.10, webmasters will be able to design pluggable objects and themes for their organisation for use in actionable communications. Template designers will be able to design actionable communications with the Web Designers and make use of these pluggable components. Also developers will be able to setup a runtime system to create actionable communications designed by the template designers, using the objects created by the webmasters.


    Benefits of actionable communications with Web Designer:


    Communicate with impact

    • Increase commercial relevance by adding tailored single click call-to-actions
    • Remove friction by communicating in a concise manner the right information without losing the possibility to drill down into detail.
    • Tailored to the customer (hyper relevant/ personalisation)
    • Data can be updated in real-time with the latest information when viewed by the recipient.

    Faster time to value

    • Data capture and interactivity usually reserved for web and app builders requiring a lot of skill and time is now available to business users.
    • Standalone communications are created as portable HTML files and do not require rebuilding mobile apps, websites or SDKs - 

    Pluggable objects

    • A new JavaScript Data API allows the retrieval and modification of data within a pluggable object
    • Works with repeats and fragments

    Interested in seeing an actionable communication at work?

    Check out this demonstration video:



    We invite you to upgrade today! If you need assistance to understand the impact of an upgrade in your specific environment or you want us to help you migrate your Scriptura Engage software, please feel free to contact us!