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    Proud to drive our industry forwards as Electronic Document Professional (EDP)

    In recognition of my achievements in the last 5 years in the document and content domain, the EDP commission has seen fit to recertify my status as Electronic Document Professional through the end of 2023. In Belgium and the Netherlands I am joined by 57 other EDP professionals, all certified by the international trade association Xplor International, based in the United States.


    The Electronic Document Printing Professional (EDPP) program was launched in 1989 to validate the expertise of qualified and experienced professionals who have shown vast knowledge in digital communications, whether in print, over internal networks, or online.


    In 1997 the ‘Printing’ was dropped and the EDPP renamed EDP, simply due to the rise of digital communications and the ever-evolving industry. Today the program has three levels: the Electronic Document Associate (EDA), the Electronic Document Professional and the Master Electronic Document Professional (M-EDP), the first and the latter added in 2009 allowing recognized individuals to follow a complete course through the program from the beginning to the very peak of their career.

    Proof of business excellence

    Obtaining an EDP certification is not a gimmick. You must put up your work for thorough examination, as the commission evaluates your experience, business ethics and overall contributions to the industry. When I first got EDP certified back in 2013 I had to prepare multiple cases showing I had been active on a business expert level for at least five years. There is a code of ethics to uphold in everything you do businesswise as well, but more importantly, achieving an EDP certification implies doing everything you can to push the industry to a higher level. It’s about actively sharing knowledge and expertise.


    Every EDP certification needs to be renewed every five years. This forces the recipient to keep up the standard, because in the end, an EDP certificate is a quality label more than anything else. Recertification is based on a point system. You receive points for relevant domain experience and sharing knowledge through publications, articles and appearances and keynotes at industry events.


    Over the past few years I built on my experience at Inventive Designers and tried to share my expertise as much as I could through blogs, articles and events. I was welcomed as guest speaker at multiple events including the prestigious European banking Forum last year, an honor I will be repeating in 2019. I also enjoyed speaking at UnleashCX in Amsterdam, inspiring business leaders to improve customer experience by communicating better with their customers. And last but not leat, I had the privilege of addressing the audience at our very own ENGAGE18 event, as we launched our new cloud native communication hub Xribe.


    Pride and sense of accomplishment

    I don’t see investing time and effort in sharing my expertise as a chore. My certification gives me a personal sense of accomplishment, recognition and respect by industry peers, but it’s also an incentive for continued education and to further drive our industry forward. I believe in the EDP philosophy and as part of its networked community of subject matter experts, I will continue to keep my knowledge about the document and customer communication domain up-to-date and share my knowledge with business peers.