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The Power of Saying Goodbye

When a customer decides to stop using a product or service, an organization should have the courtesy to say goodbye. It is the perfect moment to get feedback and to track down the reason why the customer left. A customer that has left can become a customer again ... Read More

What You See Is What You Brand

Getting information consistent with the brand guidelines across all channels contributes greatly to the customer experience of a company, but who can create stunning brand-loyal communications without HTML and CSS knowledge? Read More

How to Digitally Transform Your Business?

Nowadays every organization has some kind of transformation program to digitalize (parts of) their business. But Is there a magic wand for digital transformation? The future is coming faster than you think! Read More

One Step Closer to the Cloud

Bring Scriptura Engage to the cloud: Together with the expertise of the DistriNet Research Group, Scriptura Engage has now an online HTML editor: Web Designer. Read More

A view on the past year and the road ahead with Jim Verbist, CEO @ Inventive Designers.

Exclusive interview with CEO Jim Verbist, providing an insight in the future of Managed Services, WebDesigner and Business User Empowerment at Inventive Designers. Read More

Getting home after car breaks down...

A blog on how services can re-think, map-out customer journey and the related ecosystem, to enhance customer experience in case of a breakdown. Read More

The world of customer experience: Outside-In versus Inside-Out

Blog about how creating a customer focused communication process by taking a closer look on the two paradigms in businesses: Inside-Out vs. Outside-In approach. Read More

Jim Verbist new CEO Inventive Designers

We are excited to announce Jim Verbist is appointed as new CEO of Inventive Designers. This introduces a new phase of growth for the Antwerp software company. Read More

Launching Scriptura Engage Web Designer

Today, we’re thrilled to announce Scriptura Engage Web Designer, a web based design environment that focuses on empowering your business users. Read More

How the right CCM platform will give your organization wings

A CCM platform should be designed to fit your needs by focussing on three major components; Design, Communication, and Analysis. Read More