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    How Customer Communications Can Help You Become an ‘Organization 4.0’

    Leaders should no longer hold on to the idea of being a "strong organization" to survive.


    We are more and more influenced by what happens outside our organization than ever before, because of social media, communities, mobile and the Internetzation of all things. It all makes our environment change faster than ever. Today’s underdog is the winner of tomorrow. Companies that just accept their surroundings as the dominant factor get a chameleonic character. They will constantly adapt to unpredictable and irrational developments..and also change their revenue model.

    Organization 1.0, 2.0, 3.0

    When we talk about Organization 1.0, we look at the example of the old Ford organization where (mass) production by efficiency was the core.
    In the 1980s, Organization 2.0 was all about strategic management.
    For Organization 3.0, shared values, trust and transparency are key.

    Organization 4.0

    Today, Organization 4.0 stands for open access, open innovation in high-tech environments, flexibility and organic organization structures.
    In Organization 4.0, products and services are created by a collaboration of people on all continents, over company boundaries.

    Customizable, Flexible

    Characteristics of the 4.0 environment are the strong customization of products and highly flexible (mass) production. This is improved by “self-service” of the workforce: self-optimization, self-configuration, self-diagnosis, cognition and intelligent support of workers in an increasingly complex work environment.
    The basis of this shift to 4.0 is the availability of all relevant information from all relevant stakeholders about environments, customers and products.
    The right Customer Communications Management solution can enable organizations to become 4.0 ready through:

    Personalization in Mass Production Environments

    This principle not only stands in a production environment, but can be applied to communications as well. Being able to “talk” to your customers in a personal voice will improve customer engagement. People want to feel connected and understood.

    Hierarchical vs. Local Organizations

    Everyone knows that doing business in different countries is not easy. Each region has its own business culture. We see a shift from hierarchical organizations to local variations, so new customer requirements and fluctuations can be absorbed quickly. You should adapt your communications to local language and local customs. Tone of voice that is used to communicate with customers can be completely different from country to country.

    Big Data Analysis

    Better responsiveness to customer needs, by clever analysis of big data, will result in optimal production processes. For communications, it will help you segment your customer base. You will be able to better respond to their needs and preferences.

    Co-Creation & Open Innovation

    Real value can be created when different departments work together. Input from different angles and heterogeneous teams will improve the outcome. This also means that combining information from different business units will result in more relevant, up-to-date communications.
    Assembling communications is no longer the task of the IT department. It has become the responsibility of different business units. And why not reach out to your customers and ask them what they expect from you? Hearing what you do well is great, but getting an honest opinion of what you could do better will be world-changing for your company. Ask your customers what kind of communications they would like to get from you. Listen, learn and improve.


    There is more and more demand for user-friendly and self-serving applications.Interactive Document Assembly enables business people to personalize customer communications without the need to rely on the IT department.

    Being Connected Always & Everywhere

    People are online all the time and expect you to do the same. Do not underestimate the power of social media and tablets.

    The Cloud

    The benefits of Cloud applications are tremendous. They enable faster setup times, shorter production cycles and do not impose big maintenance cycles on your teams.
    Although we cannot yet fully understand the consequences of this development, companies have no choice but to fully commit to these new opportunities. Companies that can analyze and use smart customer information in real time can achieve huge gains. Organizations must be “master of their data” to compete. The time to market of new products and services needs to shorten. This is only possible in a 4.0 environment.


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