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    One Step Closer to the Cloud

    At Inventive Designers, we are committed to provide future proof solutions that bring true value to its customers. Therefore, research and development is part of the job. To make sure we don’t miss out on fresh ideas, we like to complement our internal resources with external researchers


    This month we concluded a 2-year, VLAIO supported, project in cooperation with the DistriNet Research Group of the university of Leuven (KU Leuven). We're extremely happy to have accomplished all the goals we defined at the start of the project. Things that seemed ambitious two years ago, are now firmly in our grasp. 


    Not only did we manage to create proof of concepts, some of the results, like simultaneous editing, already found their way to production. The expertise of the DistriNet Research Group helped us to bring large parts of Scriptura Engage to the cloud. Not only relatively quickly, but first of all: securely.
    The security requirements when developing a multi-tenant web application at scale are nothing to sneeze at. Cloud changes the possible threat actors, for an enterprise application like ours, from colleagues to the entire world. multi-tenancy is a cross-cutting concern of which your entire application needs to be aware of, and web application security is a specialism in its own right. Luckily, the DistriNet Research Group had expertise in all of those domains, allowing them to give us input and act as a soundboard.
    In the end, we're grateful that the support of VLAIO (the Flemish governmental agency for innovation and entrepreneurship) allowed us to accelerate bringing certain functionality to market. If you think about it, it is quite a feat that a small or medium business like Inventive Designers is able to create an editor with simultaneous editing; functionality previously only found in the now defunct Google Wave or Google Docs. Since the start of the project, this functionality has become a bit more prevalent, but still only in products of much larger software companies.
    As a Research Manager I’m delighted to be able to work on such new and challenging topics, and the future promises more of the same. Exciting times.