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    Inventive Designers welcomes Paul Verkinderen as Business Development Manager Automotive

    With the launch of Xribe now behind us, Inventive Designers looks ahead to further introduce the immense potential of Xribe as well as Scriptura Engage in a wider growth market and untapped sectors. One such sector is the automotive industry.


    That’s why Inventive Designers now welcomes Paul Verkinderen, for whom the sector holds no secrets. As newly appointed business development manager automotive, he will thus introduce the future standards of customer communications to automotive companies worldwide.

    For this week’s blog we sit down with Paul and talk about the job he is faced with, why he is eager to work at Inventive and how he will use his network and vast experience to help the world of automotive shift up a gear when it comes to customer communications.


    Tell us a bit more about your professional experience.

    I’ve been active in the automotive industry for more than 28 years now. Fifteen years I worked in the leasing business, twelve years of which I was managing director of a leasing company. The later decade of my career I found myself in the fleet management software business, closely interacting with leasing companies and car manufacturers, suppliers who I hope to turn into customers in the near future.

    What will be your job as business development manager automotive at Inventive?

    Automotive is a vertical that Inventive Designers hadn’t really tapped into so far. However, it’s a very interesting sector what customer experience is concerned because people on the look-out for a new car are flooded with possibilities, while the margins for the dealers are ever so slim. In this business climate it’s quite a challenge to attract clients and keep them happy.


    Customer communications are key, yet it’s an aspect in which the automotive sector has been lagging behind for quite some time. Back in the day when I was in sales I used to say that while we brought in new customers, after-sales would throw them out. Although things have changed, the customer still doesn’t always get the experience he deserves. A lot of automotive businesses are too silo-driven. Pre-sales and sales, after-sales, marketing (branding), events, delivery,... They all go about communications in their own way, unaware of the fact that this inconsistency heavily affects the customer experience.


    Many of them believe that their outdated CRM or DMS system will bring them a long way but they fail to realize that there’s a lot more to CX in these digital times. It will be my job as business development manager to create awareness and stress the importance for companies such as manufacturers, car dealer groups, importers, tire centers and leasing companies alike to manage all their communications in one platform.

    Why did you want to join Inventive Designers?

    Inventive has a big history but also a clear strategy for the future, both on a national and international level. I have been working on an international scale for the past ten years and I want to keep this up because it’s where the strength of my network and experience lies. Also, the company is big enough to support the biggest clients but also small enough to remain flexible and respond quickly when it needs to. And of course I’m joining a wonderful team, a mix of young talents and let’s say more seasoned people like myself that have been around the block.

    What are you looking forward to at Inventive Designers?

    Growth. International growth within the automotive business and the growth of ID in general. We’re at a crossroads. We jumped on the digital transformation train and now it’s important we keep steaming ahead. For me, Inventive Designers is a new work environment but I will remain in the business that I love the most and that’s automotive. Can’t wait.

    What opportunities exist for Scriptura Engage and Xribe in the automotive industry?

    For a lot of new and existing clients Xribe will be the final push they need to invest in a quality customer communications platform that’s fully cloud-based. A lot of businesses shy away from new solutions despite the fact that these are in fact the future. Xribe is a plug & play solution. As such it will lower the threshold for many companies to finally swap their hotchpotch of systems for one awesome CCM platform. A tool such as Scriptura or Xribe can make a change. Personalized communications for thousands of customers in the blink of an eye.

    What are the challenges in the automotive business that Scriptura Engage and Xribe will help to face?

    It doesn’t matter if you are a multi- or single brand company, omnichannel communications must be a priority. In this regard Sciptura and Xribe are a giant leap forward. For me it will be a challenge to create awareness about the possibilities and the very need of this kind of CCM platform within the automotive business.

    Our world is changing rapidly. An offer today will have expired tomorrow. If business teams no longer have to wait on IT and can adjust campaigns or create new ones immediately in order, they can live up to the needs and expectations of customers better than ever. That’s the strength of both Xribe and Scriptura. Act today, win tomorrow.


    Check out Paul's LinkedIn profile if you want to get to know him better!