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    How to make a good day even better!

    If you have read the previous blog post 'How to turn a good day into a headache', you'll understand how frustrating it can be to provide a good customer experience without the right tools. 

    How would a day in the life look like when your employees do have the platform they require? Let's have a look!

    8:00 am

    You get in early to get some work done before your meetings start. Your enterprise has had a good year with several major acquisitions and continued growth. Your employees are energized and enthusiastic because they have what they need to serve the needs of the internal client and the external customer. Today is no exception.


    9:00 am

    The day starts with the legal department facing a deadline and needing a paragraph in an important document changed. Because your customer communication management platform allows the business users to make changes to templates, IT doesn’t need to become involved. Due to this business user empowerment, IT can concentrate on its jobs of maintaining the infrastructure to keep the enterprise up and running.


    10:00 am

    At the same time, Billing has some documents they need changed in several different languages. They access the CCM system to make their own changes. The platform provides a user-friendly design environment. So, outputting several versions or documents in different languages is no problem. Even though there are standard templates, they can be customized. Styles and graphics insertion make the documents more appealing.


    11:00 am

    One of the departments needs a new communications channel 'now'. IT can make the necessary changes without programming. From data acceptance to message generation and delivery: all can be adapted to fit different scenarios. Conditions can be set and triggered to provide the delivery outcome needed. Automation also reduces the need for manual input that could result in human error. 


    Since all output systems have been consolidated with one central CCM platform, training is simplified, costs are reduced, and there is less need for additional staff. 


    12:00 am

    You were able to get a lot of work done this morning, because a central system is in place to handle all communication requests. Changes are dealt with immediately by the business users, eliminating long waits on IT, reducing the deployment time to market. 


    Time for a break!



    The customer reps feel motivated. There is a true 360-degree view of the customer communications over all channels. A central dashboard displays all relevant data.  Customer reps easily access information and provide accurate updates to customers. Customers feel that your company knows what it is doing.


    2:00 pm

    The business department is about to send out some business correspondence. The CCM system provides easy editing to provide personalized communications tailored for the individual customer. Every delivery channel is supported, either directly or through integration – print, web, email, SMS, archives, and more. Regardless of how the customer needs the communication, you deliver what the client wants. The excellent customer experience leads to loyal and long-lasting customers. And what's more: you win customers from your competition!


    3:00 pm

    The afternoon staff meeting will be filled with success stories about how the flexibility and ease of use of the CCM platform has provided the means to efficiently deliver a great CX – which is good news for the bottom line.


    5:00 pm

    You get home to have a wonderful relaxing evening!


    It is easy to see the difference a day with the right platform makes. Stay tuned for our last blog post in this series that will talk about some different aspect of Scriptura Engage as a CCM.


    If you can't wait for the sequel, you can download our e-book about how good CCM can make your organization more agile.


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