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    ENGAGE18: Revealing the future standards of customer communications

    On the 25th and 26th of October, Inventive Designers hosted ENAGE18 for its customers and partners. And engage we did. A huge and broad international audience of business experts, marketers and C-level executives herded together in the magnificent Bluepoint in Antwerp to catch a glimpse of the future standards of customer communications.


    For us, partnerships are all about complementarity and developing an ecosystem to create an even greater added value for mutual customers. This belief in partnerships and co-creation was demonstrated by the presentations of our partners as they shared successful use cases with the business-driven, strategically-oriented, or technically-minded audience.

    Industry experts from InfoSquare, Doccle, Tripolis and others took the stage. Our guests discovered what it means to communicate in an X-channel, X-generation, X-department, X-branding,... manner. They learned what tomorrow's customers demand of your communications, how to avoid common pitfalls and why the ‘when’ is as important as the ‘what’ and ‘how’. Also we had the honor of welcoming digital expert Steven Van Belleghem and motivational speaker Marc Herremans as they shared their insights on the customer needs of the future and the power to see setbacks as opportunities to progress. Make sure you check out all the pictures on our Facebook Page.


    Collage ENGAGE18

    The big reveal: From 2015 to 2020 and beyond...

    Over the course of two days there was a buzz in the air. The anticipation of the curious crowd, eager to find out what Inventive’s big announcement was all about. This anticipation came to a climax on Friday when our company’s CTO David Geleyn took the stage and finally unveiled Xribe, the next leap forward in customer communications standards. A breakthrough that boasts an immense potential for a very diverse growth market and will shape the future of Inventive Designers.

    Designed for marketers and communicators and not just IT developers

    With a lot of communication tools the technical threshold is too high. Xribe, however, is built with the business user in mind and therefore accessible to everyone within your company. Integratable in any existing platform, it’s an online communication design tool with easy-to-use functionalities, yet sophisticated enough to design multilingual, individualized and actionable communications that stay ‘on brand’ and can be delivered across all channels.


    Instead of refactoring templates over and over, Xribe lets you repurpose them for different channels. Customer data scattered around your company is collected and poured into a user-friendly design tool, allowing you to build communications from a customer centric perspective instead of an IT-driven mindset.


    Trigger your audience

    The customer is digital. Xribe enables you to spark an instant customer response by integrating interactive content in your communications. This reduces dropout and boosts cross- and upselling. As your digital communications become frictionless your customers are pushed to complete their customer journey.

    With content that matters

    What do your customers want? Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and reach out when and how they need you to, even when they least expect it. Be relevant and communicate with individualized and tailored content your customers are eager to receive.


    Can’t wait to discover Xribe? Check out our new website