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    Services' view on Customer Satisfaction

    Every professional service organization is aware that customer satisfaction is important to differentiate from the competition.

    Our customer centricity is an obvious and important driver to achieve an overwhelming customer satisfaction.

    But what does customer satisfaction actually mean?

    As a product vendor we have a number of satisfaction criteria like adjusting features, an innovative product roadmap, manufacturing quality, usability, fair pricing and much more. Since we also implement with our professional services team our products, it’s also important to reflect on the customer satisfaction of our professional services.

    In the end, the perceived overall quality of service will influence our customer behavior, whether resulting in customer complaints whether ending in a positive promotor score to advise our services to other customers.

    Since Inventive Designers is offering both product (Scriptura Engage) and services, it’s important to clarify clearly what customers can expect from our professional services team.

    The perceived quality of service is a result of defining well the customer expectations at the beginning of a project or support service. Our tremendous growth forces us to introduce some procedures and formalism, without losing our customer focus.

    Your engagement is and will always be our engagement !

    Besides price and quality of performance of our consultants, other criteria like :

    • Project size and due date
    • Lead time between request for service, order and project start
    • Effectiveness (contribution to business value result of the service request)
    • Efficiency (ability to execute the planned work in the planned time within the provided budget)
    • Common long term vision and relationship

    are important assets to “drive” the satisfaction of all our customers, and not related to only one specific customer.

    Therefore we introduced a first version of a portfolio planning model that contributes to the interest of the customer, the interest of our consultants and / or to the interest of our product roadmap and company interest.

    And everybody understands we can’t promise the sky, but our mission is to deliver our promises and beyond, based on clear agreements.


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