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    CEO Jim Verbist shares a glimpse of ENGAGE18

    At the end of October Inventive Designers will host ENGAGE18. Customers, partners and everyone interested in tomorrow’s customer communications standards will learn why the ‘when’ is as important as the ‘what’ and ‘how’, as industry experts from InfoSquare, Doccle, Tripolis and others will take the stage. None other than digital expert Steven Van Belleghem and motivational speaker Marc Herremans will share their insights all before Inventive CEO Jim Verbist will reveal … a well-kept secret. 

    In advance of ENGAGE18 we sit down with Jim Verbist as he shares a glimpse of what we may expect to see and discover come end of October.

    Jim, looking forward to ENGAGE18?

    Honestly, I can’t wait. The anticipation of a new reveal is a feeling unlike any other. Especially when you know this reveal boasts an immense potential for a very diverse growth market and will shape the future of Inventive Designers.


    I’m also looking forward to connecting with our customers. For us this is crucial as Inventive is a company that heavily believes in co-creation and partnerships, with customers as well as partners. ENGAGE18 is the perfect opportunity to reach out to a large audience and listen closely to what people have to say so we can better tune our services to the needs of our existing and future customers.

    What to expect from ENGAGE18?

    A huge crowd! The customer event we hosted three years ago was a huge success, so we expect nothing less this time around. As ENGAGE18 will welcome customers as well as partners, we are counting on international exposure from both perspectives. And let’s not forget the buzz we’ll create with our success stories, customer cases and new announcements.

    And what can the audience expect from the partner presentations?

    For Inventive Designers partnerships are all about complementarity. We strongly believe in developing an ecosystem. Although every company has its own agenda and promising services or products, there is more power in coming together and joining forces to create an even greater added value for mutual customers. This will be demonstrated by the presentations of our partners as they will share successful use cases with the audience.

    Why ENGAGE18, the X-factor?

    The X is embedded in our DNA. X-channel, X-generation, X-branding … Everything that’s cross is key in relevant and personalized and individualized communications. That’s what we do. Even with our new products in mind the X-factor is more than relevant, as we are hoping to take another giant leap forward with what we will announce at ENGAGE18.

    Who will you welcome at ENGAGE18?

    Customers, partners and everyone that has been following Inventive. I intend to welcome a broad international audience, experts in our subject matter as well as marketeers and C-level executives. We want to appeal to a large audience and hope to welcome everyone who shows interest in Inventive and the future standards of customer communications.

    Why should everyone attend ENGAGE18?

    Our customer cases and future insights are meant to enrich the entire audience. Not to mention the potential Inventive has in store for the coming years and how we invite everyone present to be a part of this story. Why miss out on this unique opportunity?

    To conclude, we heard something about a secret reveal?

    All I can say right now is X ...


    Did we make you curious enough? Register Now for ENGAGE18!

    You can find the event details on our event page.

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