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    Boosting operational efficiency and the power of customer experience management: a recap

    Over the past few weeks we covered the importance of quality customer experience management (CEM) and operational efficiency in order to boost your organization and successfully compete with peers in terms of customer experience.

    In this week’s blog we’ll come back on how Inventive Designers with Scriptura Engage, Template Factory and Managed Services has all the necessary ingredients of a modern customer communication platform to increase operational efficiency and boost business empowerment.

    The Power of a quality CEM platform

    Implementing a CEM platform provides you with the means to manage individualized communications and improve the creation, delivery and tracking of outgoing communication across all channels. Furthermore, it takes your CX management to another level on three important aspects: design, communication, and analysis.

    A CEM platform allows business users without any programming skills to immediately make changes to templates within a user-friendly design environment, which heavely reduces the deployment time-to-market.

    From data acceptance to message generation and delivery, a customer experience management platform enables you to adapt everything to fit different scenarios. A CEM platform also enables easy editing to provide communications tailored to the individual customer expectations.

    A CEM platform displays all relevant data and provides a true 360-degree view of customer communications over all channels in a central dashboard. By analyzing which are the most productive channels and removing irrelevant communications, you can adapt to customer wishes, delivering relevant and interactive communications that engage the customer and provide a quality customer experience.

    New call-to-action Flexibility
    Also a CEM system can be very flexible and extensible. Integration with document management, CRM, marketing automation and other systems through APIs and web services expand the reach of a CEM platform.

    Do you want to know more about the importance of a CEM platform? Check out our blog ‘How to boost your organization with customer experience management?

    Boosting Operational efficiency

    In business, you want to bind your customers to your brand before your peers do. Delivering relevant, individualized and consistent customer communications is crucial and you need operational efficiency to do so.

    Multilingual and multibrand environments
    This is something that a lot of companies lack. Depending on their location and company structure, many businesses out there have to communicate in different languages and/or for multiple separate brands within the company, which can quickly turn into a practical nightmare. As complexity rises, operational efficiency plumits.

    To avoid delays and get rid of redundant templates, you need to integrate your multibrand and multilingual communication flows in a single customer communication platform. This will decrease the number of templates, which in turn will improve operational efficiency and allow you to make your communications and brands consistent.

    Scriptura Engage is a flexible CEM platform that allows you to tailor your communications to the specific needs of your customers. With the ability to integrate physical and digital channels, you deliver personalized, engaging communications to your customers with reduced overhead, less effort, and lowered costs. You and your staff are happy, and more importantly, your customers are happy.

    More information you say? Read our blog ‘How to improve operational efficiency in multilingual and multibrand environments?

    Business User Empowerment

    Because many of today’s companies and their communication platforms and digital transformation programs are too technology-driven, business users have to rely on IT to make the necessary changes to templates. This severely impedes operational efficiency and heavily increases deployment time-to-market of customer communications.

    If they could use the same single customer communications platform such as Scriptura with the same templates, they could make adjustments to communications without straying away from corporate branding. As Scriptura is user-friendly, programming skills aren’t required. Long waits on IT become a thing of the past. As such operational efficiency would increase a lot, while deployment time-to-market would be heavily reduced.

    Eager to learn more? Just read our previous blog ‘How business user empowerment boosts operational efficiency’.

    Template Factory

    These days managing the perfect in-house team of templaters has become somewhat impossible. With Template Factory, Scriptura provides a set of services to relieve companies of this challenge. It’s a modus operandi in which Scriptura completely or partially takes over document templating. As such, Template Factory relieves companies of their templating responsibilities, while reducing their workload and TCO and increasing their efficiency.

    Template Factory allows for faster speed of delivery as business teams can direct templates changes and requirements, closing the distance between themselves and the templater, boosting operational efficiency and shortening the time-to-market of customer communications.

    Wish to find out more about our Template Factory? You can do so in our blog ‘How Scriptura Template Factory boosts operational efficiency’.

    Managed Services

    Inventive Designers’ Managed Services can boost your operational efficiency while reducing your workload on Scriptura. With Managed Services all costs, for example for new servers and updates, become irrelevant. There’s no need for in-house equipment, let alone steep costs to cover maintenance, idle machines and software upgrades. Also, through cloud-based Managed Services fallbacks and DRP’s are much more solid as data centers are spread geographically.

    There is no need for in-house competence either, as Inventive Designers is responsible for the entire maintenance of the Scriptura environment. Also, when relying on Managed Services you can always rest assure that you have the latest version of the Scriptura software running. So when you want to use a new feature, you can do so immediately.


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