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    Nick Van den Bleeken

    Nick Van den Bleeken

    After receiving my masters degree in Computer Science at the University of Antwerp I joined Inventive Designers in 2001. Initially as a System Programmer & Designer I started working at DTM the predecessor of Scriptura. Today as R&D manager I’m responsible for new product design and development related to Scriptura focussing on mobile, web and XML related technologies. This matches perfectly with my need to talk about and use emerging technologies. I strongly believe in using and developing open standards. Since 2005 I’m a member of the XForms Working Group at W3C. I became an editor of the XForms specification in 2010. And recently joined both the Web Cryptography and CSS Working Groups at W3C. I like doing standardisation work and like talking about standards and technology in general with other people. To reach even more people I started speaking about open standards and how they are used by Inventive Designers at conferences like XML Prague and XML London. Working for Inventive Designers as a researcher ensures that I can work together with people that love to innovate and like talking/working with the latest technologies in a vibrant atmosphere. That’s why I enjoy going to work every day!