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Jonathan Dierckx

Jonathan Dierckx

My studies Marketing taught me the principles of customer satisfaction. In several roles and contexts, I’ve been able to practice and further develop the art of helping customers. My natural amount of empathy certainly helps to understand and evaluate a customer’s thoughts and feelings. My passion and interest in computers, software and gadgets lead me the way to the IT industry. This passion certainly helped me to understand software and technology. My non-technical background helps me to connect with end-users and customers in general. During my career I have fulfilled several roles in which customers, in its broadest sense and whether in a sales context or not, are placed centrally: end user coaching, key-user evaluation sessions, customer & solution analysis, post-go-live evaluation, partner management, account management,… You name it! I always focus on a long lasting and permanent relationship with my contacts. Honesty, trust, win-win, and direct communication are my core values. Feel free to reach out for any questions, assistance or guidance when needed.

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