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Joke Dehond

Joke Dehond

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The world of customer experience: Outside-In versus Inside-Out

Blog about how creating a customer focused communication process by taking a closer look on the two paradigms in businesses: Inside-Out vs. Outside-In approach. Read More

Jim Verbist new CEO Inventive Designers

We are excited to announce Jim Verbist is appointed as new CEO of Inventive Designers. This introduces a new phase of growth for the Antwerp software company. Read More

How the right CCM platform will give your organization wings

A CCM platform should be designed to fit your needs by focussing on three major components; Design, Communication, and Analysis. Read More

How to make a good day even better!

How would a day in the life look like when your employees do have the CCM platform they require? Let's have a look! Read More

How to turn a good day into a headache

What happens if you don't have a central CCM platform? How frustrating can a lack of agility be? Read More

Yes, We Won! DCM Award 2017 - Mensura

Scriptura Engage and Mensura won the DCM Award because of its innovative approach to improve customer experience, as well as cost reduction. Read More

Mensura's shift to digital listed for DCM Awards

How Mensura's shift to digital in administrative workflows impacts customer experience. It got Mensura shortlisted for the DCM awards in 2017. Read More

How Customer Communications Can Help You Become an ‘Organization 4.0’

Today, Organization 4.0 stands for open access, open innovation in high-tech environments, flexibility and organic organization structures. Read More

O2 Czech Republic upgrades customer communication

O2, the leading telecom operator in the Czech Republic, has appointed Pro Document Services (Prague, Czech Republic) in partnership with Scriptura Engage. Read More

Mensura simplifies adminstration through digital first communication

To better support its prevention consultants, Mensura – the largest external service for prevention and protection at work – has pulled the mobile card. Read More