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    Scriptura Engage 8.1 (aka 17.02) released

    Today, we are very pleased to announce release 8.1 of Scriptura Engage, our enterprise customer communication platform.
    New in this release:
    • With smart data routing, flexible configuration of the output production and end-to-end tracking of the process, the Composition Service adds transparency, efficiency, performance and recoverability to the batch output process.
    • Time dependent variations of resources, called variants, allow for efficient inclusion
      of different legal clauses or promotions in a template, based on the date of output generation.
    • With the introduction of the Email Proofing and Email Link Rewriting & Tracking cloud
      services, designing quality emails has become much easier.
    • The Resource Server has a new backend, based on an included distributed, high
      performance NoSQL store, called Apache Cassandra. Consequently, the performance and the robustness of the Resource Server are significantly increased, mainly as an effect of removing the dependency on unreliable network storage and less performant relational databases.
    • All server process (Process Server, Resource Server, Management Server and Front End
      Server) now have an extensible framework to verify their status and in-depth health.
    • All server processes are now capable of being shut down in a graceful manner.
    • A wide range of new Document Flow steps are made available to be used in your output processes.
    Since compatibility with the existing enterprise infrastructure is important and as software evolves quickly, the list of supported operating systems, databases and browsers has been
    With this new release, we also changed our Software Release Policy. Thanks to this policy, an increased software release frequency will accelerate the introduction of new features significantly.
    Scriptura Engage 8.1 (also known as Scriptura Engage 17.02) has a lot to offer and is ready to be downloaded from our website today. More information and details can be found in the What’s New in Scriptura Engage 8.1 brochure.
    We invite you to upgrade today! If you need assistance to understand the impact of an upgrade in your specific environment or you want us to help you migrate your Scriptura Engage software, please feel free to contact us!

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