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    5 critical concepts to make document design more efficient

    Whether you are designing transactional documents, digital forms or customer onboarding communications, chances are you will encounter the same challenges as a lot of your peers in other industries. Based on our experiences we discovered several design concepts that can make a huge difference when designing communications.


    Every concept this article will discuss has made a radical improvement for at least several of our Scriptura Engage customers. Furthermore we noticed these key document design concepts to be cross-industry. They apply to the core of document design, regardless of the end-user profile or geographic location of a business. We noticed that the best results came from the more transactional oriented processes. Probably due to their high volume and the more complex nature of the content. For more marketing-intensive documents good results are possible as well, but they will be less underlined.


    There obviously are a lot of specific ways to optimize document composition. The 5 concepts addressed here only depict the most important and most critical challenges organizations struggle with today. Next to document composition we see other domains within customer communications management increase in importance with new implementations. The most important ones are multichannel (or omnichannel) capabilities, advanced feedback tracking and on-demand interactive document assembly.